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The offered works of art are made by artists who are willing to sell their prints with part of the sales going to the charitable organization of the buyer's choice.

Your donation is distributed in the following manner:

1-PayPal transaction Fee is 3% of the total purchase price.
2-Printing - Packing - Shipping - Insurance are deducted from balance received by PayPal.
   (printing-packing-shipping-insurance costs vary depending on print size and destination)
3- Rational Animal Admin Fee 10%… (501c3) to collect funds and make payment to designated non-profit.
4-Art Is Helping Fee  8% … to manage printing-shipping and payments to artists.
Note: After the above items are deducted the remaining balance is distributed as follows:
5-Rational Animal sends 50% of the remaining balance to the designated non-profit.
6-Art Is Helping receives 50% of the remains balance for artist payments.
Note: Art Is Helping receives the funds to execute the printing-packing-shipping-insurance (item #2).

A buyer purchases a 20x24 $1000 print and designates Greenpeace as the non-profit charitable organization to receive the donation.

1-PayPal will take 3% from the sale…….. leaving $970.00 balance
2-Printing, packing, shipping, insurance ….approx.$100
3-Balance = $870.00
4-RA Admin Fee 10% (501c3) to collect and make payment to non-profit = $87
5-Balance = $783
6-Art Is Helping Admin Fee 8% = $62
7-Balance $721
8-Non-profit receives $360.50
9-Artist receives $360.50



A complete list of organizations available can be found under the ORGANIZATIONS tab and is also accessible by clicking on the PURCHASE button under any artwork.
The pull-down menu allows you to choose the charitiable organization. 
The price of the print will reflect the print size.  
Please note your net chartiable gift donation is valued at 50% of the purchase price of the print.


Please Note: There are NO RETURNS or REFUNDS once a print has been purchased.  Prints are shipped with INSURANCE. If a print arrives damaged the purchaser would have to call Federal Express Customer Service Line at 800-463-3339 option 61.  
They will give you instructions on how to place a claim. 
Once the claim is verified, Federal Epress would issue Art Is Helping an insurance check.
Art Is Helping would reprint your order and re-ship to you.


Purchased prints will include printing, packaging, insurance and shipping.  
For shipping outside the USA, please contact Art Is Helping via email with your shipping address in order to calculate additional insurance,shipping and customs cost.
All shipping is insured.
All shipping via Federal Express will require a signature upon delivery.
4-6 weeks delivery time period.


The prints are only sold as works of art. 
All purchases are paid by using PayPal system through the PURCHASE button.

All purchases are being processed by a 501-C3 non-profit organization.  
Rational Animal a 501c3 non-profit organization will be facilitating funds. 
Art Is Helping will be facilitating funds to create the prints, pack, insurance, shipping and artist payments.

The purchased prints are for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial or other purpose.
All copyrights remain property of the artists.

Prints are made utilizing premium pigment inks to create archival prints.
These pigment prints are sometimes referred to as Giclee prints.

20x24 $1000 print is valued at $500.
Your net charitable gift donation is valued at $500.

16x20 $500 print is valued at $250.
Your net charitable gift donation is valued at $250.

11x14 $250 print is valued at $125.
Your net charitable gift donation is valued at $125.

Acknowledgement of the donation will be provided by Rational Animal.
Rational Animal is distributing funds to the various non-profits selected by the buyer.

You may contact the artists or Art Is Helping to discuss any licensed usage.


Artists are also welcome to contact Art Is Helping about submission of images.

send email
212 -348 -5844


DISCLAIMER - Artists who agree to have their work sold on Art Is Helping hereby hold Art Is Helping,  Salem Krieger and Rational Animal harmless against any claims, licensing issues and expenses, including legal fees, arising from any misuses of their artwork, damaged and lost prints.  The Artists also grant Art Is Helping and Salem Krieger the right to approve prints for final shipping.

Art Is Helping, Salem Krieger and Rational Animal similarly hold artists harmless against claims, and expenses, including legal fees arising from prints that have been used outside the stated purpose on the website, damaged and lost prints.