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Now available:
Exhibition quality pigment prints and affordable Digital C prints.


Art Is Helping brings artists and charitable organizations together. Supporting both non-profit organizations and the artists, buyers can purchase works of art while donating to charities of their choice.  A portion of your purchase price is tax-deductible.

The available charities represent a wide range of important causes including the sustainability of the planet, feeding the homeless, comforting at-risk animals, contributing to native American causes, and providing help to veterans - just some of the shared goals of Art Is Helping.

B&H photography super-store podcast... interview with Salem Krieger founder of Art Is Helping 

Salem Krieger is an experienced editorial and portrait photographer who had a seemingly simple realization in 2015: he could sell prints of his work and give a portion of the revenue to a non-profit organization of his choice. From this grew Art is Helping, his system for putting artists and art buyers together and letting the buyers determine how much they spend and which organization they support. In a short time, the roster of artists has grown, as has the varied list of non-profits that benefit from the transactions.   Some of the non-profits include: Advocacy Partner of Environmental Defense Plan, Art In A Box - Helping At Risk Children, Center for FOOD SAFETY, Citymeals On Wheels, Coalition for the Homeless, Democracy Now, Greenpeace, PETA, Planned Parenthood, Rational Animal, WBGO.ORG Jazz Radio.

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